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Bag – “Falabella” by Stella Mc Cartney
Mocassins – TOD’S
Pants – Max Mara
Jewel – thanks Luna by Oldani
Cardi – Premode
Shirt – Grifante
Nailspolish – Kiko
Bangles black and silver
Pics – Canon Eos 500 D with 18-55
Location – garden
Oggi vi mostro il mio look di domenica, qualche foto scattata velocissimamente prima di uscire per pranzo, un total black spezzato dallo smalto azzurro in tinta, ebbene sì, con le cuciture dei mocassini Tod’s (!!)… volevo assolutamente che risaltasse il mio gioiello Carciofo omaggio di Luna by Oldani (ricordate che ne avevo parlato qui?) non so voi ma io li vorrei tutti, sono davvero stupendi!
Attualmente nella mia wishlist c’è sicuramente l’anello Zucca, ed i vostri preferiti quali sono?
Good evening!
Today I show you my look on Sunday, a total black broken by the blue-colored nail polish, yes, with the seams of Tod’s loafers (!!)…I really wanted to emphasize my jewel Artichoke Luna by Oldani (remember that I talked about it here?) do not know about you but I would like all of them are really beautiful!
Currently on my wishlist is definitely the ring Pumpkin , and what are your favorites?

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  1. aah your bag is so cool :)your outfit is too and the ring is wooow
    i am thinking about getting it too,so could you maybe tell me if its very heavy?and how does it feel because its not real leather ? 🙂


  2. grazie cara!

    Hi sammie!Falabella is not very heavy, certain it has the chains however it is comfortable, you can also bring it on the shoulder, the material is fantastic, it’s not false leather, it’s a totally different material, it’s resistant and it is marvelous to be touched
    (I also love the color, iridescent black)

    Anonimo grazie!

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