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Celebrities Style: Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi with her Gucci belt

Torma la rubrica Celebrities Style con Charlotte Casiraghi!
L’abbiamo vista recentemente, bellissima, come nuova testimonial della campagna Gucci.

Another appointment with Celebrities style
I want to show you some of my faves outfits from Charlotte Casiraghi, she’s so beautiful and classy, and her style is so similar to mine: jeans, flats and awesome bags..what do you think? I want to show those who are not her clothes but soiree every day

charlotte casiraghi gucci

Non mi voglio soffermare sui suoi outfits da “soiree” adoro il suo look “da tutti i giorni”, che come molti di voi sapranno, se mi seguono un poco, è il tipo di outfit che preferisco ed uso, semplice ma chic, di classe: jeans, maglioncini, scarpe basse e borse strepitose. Difficile trovarla eccessiva, mai volgare, trovo abbia un’innata classe e davvero buon gusto al di sopra delle mode passeggere… 

Repetto flats and Hermes bag

Minnetonka mocassins

Moncler down jacket

40 pensieri su “Celebrities Style: Charlotte Casiraghi”

  1. she is the coolest princess on the planet – I’m such a big fan!!! I did a post about her too (if you want I can send you the link) but you have a lot of outfits I hadn’t seen yet so thanks for this, really!!! Charlotte is my hero haha :p


  2. beautiful love her style.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog. i now follow you on here and on on facebook – would love if you would follow back on both 🙂

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