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my week on instagram #35 & #36, New York edition 1

the Lady

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Buona domenica,

torna l’appuntamento #myweekoninstagram, edizione didicata a New York ovviamente, ho tante di quelle foto che ho deciso di dividerlo almeno in 2 parti..ovviamente non le pubblicherò tutte, altrimenti sul blog ci sarebbero foto solo di New York fino al 2014!!
Buona visione 🙂

in instagram sono @irenefashionsinner

Have a nice sunday!

back to the appointment #myweekoninstagram , a special New York edition, of course, I have so many pictures so I’ll divide the pics into 2 parts .. of course not publish all of them, otherwise there would be no pictures on the blog just in New York until 2014! 
Enjoy 🙂

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our american trip start here, Boston airport

Good Morning America studios
Radio City Music Hall 

Radio City Music Hall, Christmas Show…AMAZING

Brooklyn Bridge

Magnolia Bakery Cup Cake 😀

Breakfats in Soho


my gift at Tiffany



New York by night

New York skyline

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