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Handy Laser Hair Removal Advice

It’s easy to see why some people are drawn to the idea of laser hair removal. Who really wants to spend what feels like half a day shaving or waxing to get rid of unsightly hairs. Making an appointment to have them zapped away at a clinic is a lot easier, right? Well, in some ways that’s true. But here is some handy laser hair removal advice to follow if you choose to go that route.

Choose Your Laser Hair Removal Machine Carefully
Not every laser device can handle the treatment of every skin type. Some are not meant to be used on skin that is too oily, for example. That’s why you should always take the time to carefully check out a few area clinics until you find a device that is meant for someone of your skin color and type.

An extension of that idea is that you may have to try more than one hair removal device before you locate one that works well for your skin. During the trial and error process, you might even encounter a machine that causes temporary blisters or other issues.

Be Prepared for Minor After Effects
The fact of the matter is that after effects and side effects are part of the laser treatment world. Any laser procedure can cause them, but most hair removal lasers are some of the safest machines out there. They generally only cause minor swelling or redness, which wear off after a couple hours. In fact, you can probably go straight back to work or whatever else you have to do the second you leave the clinic.

Don’t be Afraid of the Pain
One big piece of advice is don’t avoid laser hair removal because you’re afraid of the pain involved. Many people find it far less painful than waxing. The machine will warm your skin up quite a bit. There’s no denying that. But severe pain, blisters, or any other harsh side effects are not common at all. It’s usually a very subdued sensation.

Don’t Put Up with Unwanted Hair Until Your Appointment
It may take a little time between when you decide you want to be rid of that annoying hair and when you can actually get in for a laser appointment. The good news is that you don’t have to leave the hair there during that time. The laser device can find and attack each hair, even if the part above the surface of your skin has been shaved or waxed off. It can easily find the part that still exists below the skin’s outer layer.

Make Laser Hair Removal Appointments When You Need Them
A final bit of advice is to make laser hair removal appointments based on your own results, expectations, and desires. One session is almost never enough for most people. But some people also need more or fewer sessions than others. You may reach a certain point where you feel that you can maintain the little bit of hair that grows back on your own, or you may prefer regular maintenance appointments. That choice is yours.


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E ‘facile capire perché alcune persone sono attratte dall’idea di depilazione laser, nessuno vuole davvero sopportare la dolorosa ceretta od utilizzare il rasoio e sentire i peli ricrescere. Prendere un appuntamento dall’estetista  “per estirpare” tutto è semplice! Beh, in un certo senso è vero. Se si sceglie di seguire la depilazione laser però è bene seguire alcuni consigli. Non ogni dispositivo laser è in grado di gestire il trattamento di ogni tipo di pelle. Alcuni non sono stati pensati per essere utilizzati su pelli molto grasse, per esempio. È per questo che si dovrebbe sempre accertarsi che il centro scelto utilizzi il dispositivo laser conforme alle necessità del nostro tipo di pelle! Possibile, ad esempio , fare una prova solo per una limitatissima porzione di pelle e vedere come si comporta anche perchè il rischio di vesciche o macchie è dietro l’angolo! Tante macchine lasciano alcuni effetti collaterali risolvibili nel giro di un paio d’ore, come un leggero  arrossamento o gonfiore, nella maggior parte dei casi si può tornare tranquillamente al lavoro o a quello che si stava facendo.

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